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The bird has the world’s longest beak proportionate to its dimension and Armada described the image as capturing the bird “approaching a feeder, with natural backgrounds and lighting.” “For 4 years, I tried to seize the uncommon sight of the female falcon attacking large brown pelicans with incredible speed and agility,” Zhi mentioned in a statement Tuesday. “I love the eyes of the pelican on this image, surprised and scared. The motion was fast, and over within the blink of an eye fixed. But I’ll do not neglect that moment eternally.” The avian world has been showcased in one of the largest fowl pictures competitions ever. He taught images to college students such as Charles Nègre, Henri Le Secq, Nadar, Olympe Aguado, and Maxime Du Camp.

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Easterly soon grew to become in style for his portraits of distinguished residents …